Best Universities & Colleges In Toronto

Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? Well, I have been so busy lately trying to balance school and work, but I am slowly getting the hang of it. Ever wondered what are the best universities  and colleges in Toronto? Lucky you, today we will talk about the universities in Toronto you or your children can attend.

Many people do not know where to start when it comes to choosing a university or a college, they usually panic and over analyze the fact that whichever school they choose will be a place where they will spend quite a number of years of their life. If you are looking to study in Toronto, here is a list of top five universities and colleges for 2019 you can choose from including contact details and other important facts about each school to make your decision a bit easier.

Best Universities In Toronto

#1. University of Toronto

University of Toronto Building

University of Toronto Building

University of Toronto was established in 1827 and has one of the strongest research and teaching faculties in North America. The university has a very conducive environment for research. It also makes sure that its graduates are educated, able to think clearly, judge objectively and make constructive contributions to the society. The university has three campuses: Downtown Toronto (St George), Mississauga (in the west) and Scarborough (In the east). Its campus is a very green lot of 71 hectares punctured by beautiful Gothic and Romanesque towers and buildings. Primarily a research institution, the University of Toronto discovered insulin in 1921 as was the stem cell in 1963, which made bone marrow transplantation possible. University of Toronto is  also known for presenting top students at all levels.

#2. York University

York University Building Outside

York University Building

York University was established in 1959, York University is the third largest university in Canada. It is a public research university and it has eleven faculties which include: Osgoode Hall Law School, Faculty of environmental studies, faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, etcetera. The university has great professors who really know their job. It has over 54 000 students from within and outside Toronto. The residence buildings at university are very close to the learning areas which makes it convenient for students. York’s unique combination of learning opportunities across wide-ranging disciplines provides students with diverse and relevant viewpoints to open their minds and broaden their thinking, skills and interests, unlocking their potential for broad career opportunities, expected and otherwise. There are also lots of scholarships at this school.

#3. Ryerson University

Out of Ryerson University Building

Ryerson University Building

Ryerson University is a public research university which was founded in 1948. It is a nonprofit higher education institution.  The University has great professors and offers courses and programs which lead to higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctorate degrees in several areas of study. It is in the heart of downtown of Toronto and very easy to navigate. Most buildings and equipment at the school are pretty new. The school’s admission policy is based on entrance examinations and students’ past academic records and grades. The university offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs. Culturally diverse and inclusive, Ryerson is home to 38,000 undergraduate and 2,300 graduate students, 2,500 faculty and staff, and has more than 140,000 alumni worldwide.

#4. OCAD University

Outside OCAD University Building

OCAD University Building

OCAD University is Canada’s largest university of art, design and digital media. It was established in 1876 and the programs that are provide inspire students, faculty and alumni to push the boundaries of art and design. The university offers special events, lectures, conferences, visiting artists’ programs and numerous exhibition venues. The students at the university come from over fifty countries. OCAD University also supports multi-institutional research. OCAD U has programs and research bridge fields of digital media and design, sustainability, health and wellness, cultural diversity and indigenous cultures. Students engage in creative studio-based, aesthetic and technical learning, together with critical, theoretical, scientific and historical knowledge and methods.

The campus is just magnificent.

#5. Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology

Outside Centennial College Building

Centennial College Building

Centennial College is recognized as one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions in Ontario. Centennial College is Ontario’s first community college. It was established in 1966 and primarily serves the eastern portion of the Greater Toronto Area through four campuses and seven satellite locations. The college is best known for its record of exemplary teaching, innovative programming and extensive partnership building. This college offers degree programs, graduate certificates, diplomas and post graduate programs. Some of the courses offered at this college include Health studies, Hospitality, Arts and Design, etc. Its campuses are primarily situated in the east side of the city, and they have a new aerospace center in Downsview. The college is also famous for producing excellent art graduates.

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  1. Avatar Mark Lendberg says:

    No offense but university of Toronto needs better looking buildings and women…

  2. Avatar Julian tempo says:

    What’s the best college for computer science?

    • Rex Jordan Rex Jordan says:

      You should check out our #1 option, University of Toronto, they have a great ICT course or #5, which would be Centennial College as they specialize in ‘tech’ which includes computer science related majors as well.

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