Top 5 Skateboarding Places In Toronto For 2018

Hey people, hope you are good. I’m great just a bit tired from my skateboarding lessons I’ve started taking down at the park. I fell like 10 times today, which is actually not normal for me. I have been skating for close to 10 years, but I nearly ruined my new vans shoes which are perfect for skateboarding, now I want to ask, have you ever been indecisive on the best place to go skating as the range to choose from is so wide? Well here are the top five skateboarding places in Toronto. If you think we should remove, update or add a new skatepark on this list, please let us know by visiting our contact us page.

Best Places to Skateboard in Toronto


Skateloft 2.0 In Toronto

Skate loft 2.0 In Toronto

Skate Loft is one of Toronto’s indoor skateboard park. With 4000 square-foot facility offers the a wide variety of features including a 24 ft. wide, 4ft. miniramp, a hip, and a 12 ft. long granite ledge. The Loft is also available for private/group lessons, Junior Skate program, event hosting, birthday parties, contests, video premieres, and more. This place is perfect if you don’t want to worry about the weather, it can rain, snow or just be too damn cold outside, you can still skate at Skate Loft.


East York Skatepark In Toronto

East York Skatepark in Toronto

East York is a Concrete Community sized skate park located just east of Woodbine Ave., the more the space the better the skating. The park was designed with input from the local East York youth group. It comprises of a street area bordering on plaza which makes the skating feel like it is being done in the real streets, this brings some extreme and exciting feeling to every skater in the park. It has a tight 5’ figure-eight bowl that skaters don’t get to find in every other park. The street area comprises of grinding features such as bars designed and built by the best contractors money can buy in Toronto.


Lawrence Heights Skatepark in Toronto

Lawrence Heights Skatepark in Toronto

This is a neighborhood scale modular park with features like rails, ledges and banks well designed, it’s safe to say this is the ideal place for the skaters who love to grind. It has an asphalt slab with a mini-half pipe and quarter pipes for perfect olies. The best thing about this park is the availability of washrooms in the Lawrence Heights Community Centre during operating hours, this means you don’t have to go home all sweaty.


Malvern Skatepark in Toronto

Malvern Skatepark in Toronto

If you love your privacy during your skating time then this is the place to be. Malvern is an indoor wooden skate park inside an ice rink which is so easy to find as it is located inside Marveln Community Centre near Neilson Rd. For starters, this park has a fun box. The rails, ledges and quarter pipes are well built and maintenance works are done regularly to make sure the wood remains skater friendly. The park has an active youth advisory council which makes it so unique.


Underpass Skatepark in Toronto

Underpass Skatepark in Toronto

The park is located under the bridge south of King St. E., which makes the overpass provide shelter from rains and too much heat which can be really exhausting when you skate. It has a number of very well built features such as pre-fabricated ledges and manual pads, rails and small banks, all this is on a concrete pad which means the park is all set to run for a while without unnecessary closing for renovations. The park is also equipped with lights that turn on when its getting dark which makes it possible to skate in the night time. This is an advantage for people who are mostly tied up and barely free during day time.

Honerable mention: CJ’S SKATEPARK

CJ’s Skatepark in Toronto

CJ’s Skate park is an indoor skate park which means you don’t have to worry about the weather ruining your skating plans. This indoor park is as big as 28000 square feet, enough room to reach a good speed for catching enough air for the best tricks. It has a flow/street style course which makes you feel like you are skating in the real streets, it has a full sized vertical ramp and several mini ramps. It also offers classes ranging from private to group and special needs classes too for all skill levels.

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