Top 5 Stunning Instagram Models From Toronto To Follow

I was browsing Instagram and I just suddenly had this idea. Why not put up a list of some of the famous Instagram models from Toronto? These are real local Toronto models and most of them have yet to be discovered by a big modeling agency. Why not give these hard working beautiful models a boost in followers and perhaps maybe help them get signed by writing about them right here on

Let me not waste anymore of your time! Let the countdown begin, by the way, the models are not necessary in any particular order, we just ranked them the way the are ranked, randomly, I promise. 😉

Famous Toronto Instagram Models

#1. @CataleyaCruz | 7,300K+ Followers

Cataleya Cruz Toronto model

#2. @herapatra | 78,600K+ Followers

herapatra model

#3. @addie.gaff | 44,800K+ Followers

Addie Gaff Model

#4. @vidamochaa | 49,900K+ Followers

vidamochaa Model

#5. @charlottedalessio | 506,000K+ Followers

Charlotte Dalessio Model

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